Dream Nesting


#Eclipse #Full Moon

I have always been very aware of full moons, eclipses, and the moon cycles in general.  I have always felt very creative right after a full moon, filled with energy to accomplish and begin new projects.  This past week's full moon/ semi solar- eclipse had a very huge impact upon me!  I have been so busy, accomplishing many things.  Numerologists love the fact that it also coincided with 8/8/8= 1+7!  This is a special ordering of numbers that suggests many things! For one, it suggest alignment, and that we should be in alignment with our gifts and talents, therefore taking them forward and creating.  Keeping our intentions true to heart should be easy during the moving toward the new moon!  However, wait, have you heard? There is going to be a major eclipse on August 21st! If you haven't where have you been?  Just kidding!!!  Anyway, experts say that this eclipse will be one that will clear away any personal things you have not been able to clear away for yourself.  That is major good news, just sit back and enjoy the feeling of all your bad stuff being cleared away.  I personally am looking forward to this eclipse because it will be the last major eclipse inmy lifetime.  This is my second one, so I am going to get prepared with special glasses, or (I might make a boy scout eclipse viewer),  and I look forward to the abundance that will be coming my way!  God knew what he was doing when he created the Heavens and the Earth, and we are extremely fortunate to view special events in his magnificent creation!

Deborah Barrineau