Dream Nesting


What ART does for children!

 "Every child is born with creative potential. It is our job in early learning programs—and later school years— to nurture that creativity and support resourceful problem-solving, imaginative thinking, and transference of skills and knowledge to new experiences. This new review adds to the growing evidence about how arts participation helps young children develop strong social and emotional skills. Yet we need to delve deeper into how and why the various art forms impact children’s learning. And then most importantly we need to get this information into the hands of teachers who need more assurance that increasing the use of the arts can benefit children’s learning in language and literacy, math and science, and most importantly in social emotional development—Libby Doggett, PhD, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Early Learning Office of Elementary and Secondary Education U.S. Department of Education"

I could not have said this better, so I am using this to signify the importance of "the arts" and educating the child!  I could not teach children if I were not allowed to incorporate arts!  I am a global teacher which means that I see the potential of all connections to each and every subject, especially the arts.  I find that students in 5th grade have this innate need to paint!  In fact, I do paint in the classroom with my students.  Just this past week with the Solar Eclipse, I gave my students two different sizes of canvas, and a problem to solve using the canvas, science, and paint working within a group.  They had to work together to decide how they would show their experience of the eclipse to totality! Some students even grabbed their Science notebooks to refer to their reflection on the eclipse, and their drawings. As I walked around our classroom, I heard great discussions on which canvas they were using, the paint colors they needed, they even drew plans on the paper I had put on their space.  I saw agreement, I heard, "no, why don't we do this?" It was amazing to see them solving this together, and being able to agree. After some glitter stars were added and the canvas dried, I hung their creations around our classroom! I am so proud of my students and how they worked together. After all,  I am getting them prepared for life.       

We also listen to music, dance, sing, drum and tell stories!  Their yearning for the arts make me know that each and every teacher should allow students a creative experience within "ALL" subject areas.  I have taught like this for years, and each year brings wonderful new art projects that are current and doable in a classroom setting.  I always say the sky is the limit!  If you dream it, do it.  I am an encourager of children's dreams!  I want them to know that they have the ability to solve problems, the ability to think within groups and feel safe to share their ideas, but most importantly, I want them to know they have the ability to think for themselves!  The arts help children do this!  Thank goodness, most children have not been warped by the outside world.......we are ALL CREATIVE!


Deborah Barrineau