Dream Nesting


Harriet Tubman- 1822-1913/ Abolitionist

I love Harriet Tubman for several reasons.  She was a woman before her time in my opinion.  She saw her opportunity to help others and she did not play, she was ALL BUSINESS in making her mark on the world! She was a brilliant woman! She devised a very important plan to help her people become free!  She did not use an I-phone, telephone, or computer to send her message!  Just imagine if we were living in her world, think of the connections she had to make, think of the right moments she had to put plans into action.  Today, she would be making 6 figures or more as a woman!  However, money was NOT her motivation. She saw a need to help her people get to freedom, and leave the bonds of slavery.   In my opinion, she was one of the bravest human beings for saving over 300 slaves and taking them to freedom into Canada!  I am awed by her persistence and shear belief in her dream!  If I could invite (3) people back and have dinner with them, Harriet would be my first dinner guest for sure.  I would ask her how she came up with her ideas of other abolitionist hanging quilts on their fences, such a common thing; however, the women had quilted symbols that told the slaves where to head next.  Genius! They read the symbols to freedom.  Also, Harriet knew about the moss and how to navigate directions from the way it grew on the massive oak trees!  And how amazing that she studied the stars, and knew the patterns of the night sky, and how to achieve her dreams in the differing quarters of the moon's cycle. Harriet and I would have a great conversation over dinner and I would tell her how proud she has made women!  I will leave you with her brilliant quote:  "Every great dream begins with a dreamer.  Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."  I am sure Harriet would be quite disappointed with the way people just cannot seem to love over hate, and come together in peace for all!

Deborah Barrineau