Dream Nesting

About Deborah


Deborah Barrineau

Dreaming of art has been foremost in my mind my entire memory!  I was three when I remember my mom going to the 5&10 to get me a paint set!  I loved the way the brush went across the paper, and the colors; oh the colors!  I am still in love with color, and the painting process!  It just took me a while to land on the right path!  When I was a Junior, I remember the phone ringing.  I answered, and a man on the line asked to speak to me.  I said, "Speaking!"  He said congratulations, you have won a scholarship to Fort Lauderdale School of Art and Design!  I was so very elated! Then I got off the phone, and my bubble burst! My parents said there was no way I was going to live there and go to school!  Against my own intuition, I headed to Clemson University ( a most wonderful college) to study Education!  Since Clemson did not have an art department at the time, I took all of the Design in Architecture classes, and Industrial Ed. where you made things!  I stayed the course and graduated getting my B.A. in Education and then my M.Ed. in Education.  I immediately began a teaching career that has lasted for 35 years, this year being my 35th year.  I never forgot about my art! Oh no! I have won 18 art awards.  I have incorporated art in every subject and grade I could throughout my teaching.  I have taught art lessons, art programs in the summer, and in the back of my mind, I knew I would get here some day!  I have had many struggles in my life which include a divorce, raising a child, and brain surgery!  I made my way through all of my struggles with paint, brushes, journals and canvas!  I have lived the creative life!  I have dreamed of finding a place to land.....a nest where it is safe to keep dreaming and keep pursuing my art and creativity!  I have landed!  I knew I had finally arrived when the other day along my path, I looked down and found a white feather.  Before heading home I found three white feathers!  I am home, nesting and dreaming!