Dream Nesting



Welcome to Dream Nesting!

Dream Nesting was founded by Deborah Barrineau, a soon to be retiring educator. Deborah's passion has always been art, but she chose a safe career as an educator and has enjoyed the ride by embedding art into her teaching. As she counts down to retirement (yay!!) in the spring of 2018, Deborah is excited to embrace the next phase of her life - Art! 

Check out our Art Store, subscribe to our email list to receive updates about our #DreamWeaversJourney online retreat, and book Deborah to speak at your next event. Once you hear her moving story of surviving brain surgery, painting, and continuing to see the beauty around her; you will be inspired.

Deborah enjoys showcasing her work at exhibits, providing art workshops for persons in rehabilitation programs, and speaking to groups who are also taking flight from the safety of their nest to live their dreams.

Veins of Gold Abstract

Veins of Gold Abstract